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Live like a Viking

Have you been hooked on the TV series Vikings? Then go on a Viking raid in Oslo. A virtual one, of course.

You’ll certainly be sweating when you come face to face with the Vikings at The Viking Planet in Oslo.  Photo: Hilde Crone Leinebø

Put on your VR headset and hold on tight. When you come to The Viking Planet in Oslo, you have your own place on board a huge Viking ship. Don’t expect a pleasure cruise though – it’s not long before flaming arrows are hitting the mast. As the ship approaches land, the enemy comes right up to the gunwale. And you are right in the firing line. This is the experience on offer at newly opened The Viking Planet, right behind Oslo City Hall. The center covers an area of 1,600m2and uses technology to take you on a journey through Norway’s Viking heritage. 

It’s both fun and a history lesson at the same time. You can learn about how the Vikings really lived. Yes, they were certainly brutal, but they were also skilled exploiters of technology and boat-builders. And did you know that they weren’t as dirty as people think? They washed at least once a week and kept up with contemporary fashion, as we learn in one of the films you can watch here. Alongside these entertaining little stories, we also learn about how far they actually traveled, both east and west.

At the center, you can explore this fascinating story with the help of smart technology. As well as the VR section, with its rocking chairs, history is brought to life using holograms, interactive screens and the first 270-degree movie theater in the Nordic region. It’s the special Volumetric Capture VR technology that makes the movie feel so real you can almost touch it.

The curved screen at The Viking Planet in Oslo provides an amazing viewing experience.  You can also enjoy Norway’s beautiful natural scenery.

“Volumetric Capture VR gives an even greater sense of being right there in the heart of the action. The surroundings in our story are based on thousands of high-resolution stills from Haugaland and the audience is surrounded by real actors who take part in the action. All this is programmed using the Unreal game engine. You should feel like you’re on a real Viking raid with real Vikings over a thousand years ago,” Erik Gustavson, Creative Director at The Viking Planet, says in a press release.

Historian and author Kim Hjardar has ensured the historical accuracy of the details at the center. If Viking history has never really interested you before, this technological feast is certain to arouse your curiosity. 

Several more centers are planned, both in Norway and abroad, with branches due to open in Bergen and Haugesund in 2020.


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