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Get to know Shanghai from the sky

Stand on any street in Shanghai to be amazed by the buzz and the beauty. But don’t forget to look up! With some of the tallest buildings in the world, China’s largest city has a whole lot going on up top too. Here's a guide to Shanghai's many accessible skyscrapers.

Cocktails in the Clouds

If the inside of the Yu Bar doesn’t take your breath away, the view outside certainly will. Set across the top two floors of Shanghai’s Marriott Hotel Luwan, this sleek cocktail spot commands panoramic views of the Huangpu River and the magnificently illuminated Lupu Bridge.Crafted by local interior designers Kokai Studios, the two levels offer distinctly different vibes. If the weather is on your side, take in the air from the plush white sofas and brightly-lit terrace. If the elements are against you, survey the city from behind the safety of the floor-to-ceiling windows downstairs and marvel at the vampy industrial chic statement pieces.

Yu Bar

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Luwan, 99 Jiangbin Road

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Photo: VUE / Hyatt

High water

Why only drink at a dizzying height when you can drink AND soak in a hot tub? If you have no good answer to that question, VUE is the high-altitude Shanghai bar for you.Crowing the top of the Hyatt on The Bund, VUE lives up to its name, offering expansive vistas of both the colonial classics of The Bund and the modern marvels of Pudong. Lounge on the rooftop daybeds and dip in and out of the whirlpool tub in summer or get cozy in the winery-themed bar downstairs in colder climes.


Hyatt on the Bund, 199 Huangpu Road

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Photo: 100 Century Avenue Restaurant / Hyatt

Dizzying Dining

Extreme heights can make even the best of us feel queasy, but there’s no chance you’ll be put off your food at 100 Century Avenue Restaurant. Occupying the 91st floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center, the second-tallest building in the city, the skilled chefs in this theatrical restaurant draw almost as many eyes as the views.While looking down at Shanghai’s third and fourth tallest buildings, the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jin Mao Tower, diners will find themselves distracted by flames bursting from woks, the sizzle of steaks on the grill and the sharpening of sushi knives.

100 Century Avenue Restaurant

Park Hyatt, 91 floor Shanghai World Financial Center, 100 Century Avenue

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High (Brow) Culture

Most visitors come to Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in the city and the second-tallest in the world, for its 546-meter-high observation deck. While it’s definitely worth popping up there to get jelly legs, there’s something altogether more novel about perusing art in a skyscraper.Cultural pioneers Baoku China offer two options for such lofty pleasures within the tower. The Guanfu Museum showcases the creative masterpieces of China’s ancient civilizations on the 37th floor, while the Baoku Jiangxin Art Center serves up contemporary Chinese arts and crafts (as well as tea) from its gallery just above.

Guanfu Museum/Baoku Jiangxin Art Center

37-38 floor, Shanghai Tower, 501 Yincheng Middle Road

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