Nadine is a partner in the concept of Coïncidence, a hip concept boutique located in the trendy  Haut-Marais.
Nadine is a partner in the concept of Coïncidence, a hip concept boutique located in the trendy Haut-Marais.


‘Paris gives me so much inspiration’

After working with Parisian fashion labels, Stockholm native Nadine Clayton was perfectly placed to open a trendy design boutique that provides a platform for the big names of tomorrow.

Swede Nadine Clayton has lived in Paris since she was 16.Nadine Clayton moved to Paris from Stockholm with her family in 2003, when she was just 16 years old. Her family returned to Sweden a few years later, but Nadine decided to stay in Paris.

“I wanted to stay, because I love living in Paris,” she says. “I love the diversity of cultures, of nationalities, and of styles. Paris gives me so much inspiration.”

Nadine worked for a number of Parisian fashion labels, took some French language classes, and contemplated her future. Things fell “perfectly into place” when she met her partner Lenny Guerrier.

Together, they now run Coïncidence, a hip concept boutique located in the trendy Haut-Marais that features the work of the next generation of creative talent from Paris and beyond. The shop provides a platform for all kinds of talented up-and-coming labels, artists, and designers.

“We wanted to have a shop that would offer a special selection of fashion, art, and design to the general public,” Nadine says. “We also wanted to be able to hold exhibitions and events for new designers, photographers, and so forth. It’s very hard to get your merchandise into a store that’s famous in this city if you haven’t made a name for yourself yet. Coïncidence provides this service to the up-and-coming, and by doing so the shop fills a gap in the market.

“Although I’m not an owner, I’ve been a partner in the development of the concept of Coïncidence from the start in 2012,” she says. “I manage the design selection and visual presentation of the shop and the brand image. I’m also involved in the creation and development of NIUKU, the Coïncidence clothing brand.”

Coïncidence recently joined forces with the Stockholm-based gallery Karlsson & Wickman to provide customers with a highly edited selection of tribal art and Scandinavian design. The collaboration is somewhat of a family affair: Jon Karlsson, art dealer and gallery co-owner, is Nadine’s father.

“It felt natural at this point to develop what we are offering our customers,” Nadine says. “There are some very beautiful pieces of tribal art and design in our selection, and we are proud to be able to offer such unique pieces of excellent quality to Coïncidence customers.”

Coïncidence is expanding and moving to a new location in Paris that will include a large gallery space. The new shop opens in early 2015, but in the meantime customers can contact Coïncidence through its website.

Text: Tsemaye Opubor

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