Blæst Rainwear creates rainwear that’s designed for the Bergen climate but doesn’t look or feel like rainwear.
Blæst Rainwear creates rainwear that’s designed for the Bergen climate but doesn’t look or feel like rainwear.


Five trendy stores for rainwear in Bergen

Bergen has it all, except for good weather. Dress in fashionable rainwear designed in Bergen, eat at nice restaurants and enjoy being out on the town.

Blæst Rainwear

“Did you see the sun yesterday?”

“Yes, my goodness, it made me jump!”

It rains in Bergen. It rains diagonally, sideways, from below and from the north. And from above of course. Oslo umbrellas snap like matchsticks in the West Norwegian wind. So it’s a good job that Bergen locals can joke about the bad weather and that there are women such as Lisbeth Lillebøe who know how to stay warm and dry in a storm. Lillebøe started making raincoats, rubber boots, Sou'westers and umbrellas that make you look elegant and tough even when the heavens open.

“I’ve always been fascinated by rainwear,” Lillebøe says. “When I was little, I really wanted the Kelly coat from Helly Hansen. Finally, I got it and then I was incredibly happy. Here in Bergen we only had all-weather jackets, which are not very exciting. So I decided on raincoats that women could feel good in and be proud to wear, the city coat.”

Lillebøe’s raincoats were a success. They’re stylish, warm and waterproof and come in a wide range of colors. In 2008, she received the Norwegian Design Council’s coveted Merket for God Design award. She sold her company a couple of years ago, but is still a designer for Blæst. You can buy their rainwear in stores in many places at home and abroad, or order online.

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Look out these stores if your are in Bergen:

Norwegian Rain is designed by T-Michael.

Norwegian Rain

The coats and capes from Norwegian Rain keep out the cold, rain, and wind. But the technology behind it all is hidden away. Norwegian Rain’s story begins in Bergen. Alexander Helle noticed that although Bergen is home to many creative talents, few of them are commercially successful. Inspired by what he saw on the streets of Milan, where he studied, he wrote a thesis at the Norwegian School of Economics on starting a business that makes raincoats designed for life in the city. In 2008, he realized this project together with tailor and designer T-Michael, who is renowned for his sophisticated design and fine craftsmanship.“We make classic outerwear that you’ll enjoy wearing,” Norwegian Rain founder Alexander Helle says in an interview with Scandinavian Traveler. “It’s a bonus that they’re made to resist the storm.”

Norwegian Rain

Christian Michelsens gate 1, Bergen

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Aksdal i Muren – turn a gray day into a party

The sun does you good, but if you shop at Aksdal i Muren rainy days won’t make you miserable any more. This store sells rainwear of the slightly more upmarket variety and you’ll find boots, rain jackets and coats from designers such as Blæst, Didriksons 1913 and British label Barbour. Aksdal was established as far back as 1883 and today the family business is run by Synnøve and Kristin Aksdal.

Aksdal i Muren

Østre Muralmenning 23, 5012 Bergen

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BRGN by Lunde & Gaundal is a Norwegian brand that makes outerwear designed for the Nordic climate. You can buy it at stores such as Twisted in Bergen.

Twisted Bergen

Whether this store is a little twisted is not known, but the fact they have great rainwear is certain. Here you’ll find rainwear for men and women from Danish label Samsøe & Samsøe and rubber boots from Hunter. The store also stocks rainwear from new Norwegian brand BRGN by Lunde & Gaundal. The two designers Karine Lunde Trellevik and Ros-Mari Tobiassen Gaundalen moved from the drier eastern part of Norway to Bergen and immediately saw the need for rainwear – but some that felt like fashion clothing. Their first collection of cool and classic outerwear was launched in 2016.


Nygårdsgaten 1B, 5015 Bergen

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Fresh Pepper

Here you’ll find choice clothing from the Italian C.P. Company that will keep you dry on the hike up Ulriken mountain. There’s also outerwear from lesser-known designers such as British label Margaret Howell and Barena Venezia. If you’re interested in Norwegian design, you’ll also find some exciting new pieces here.

Fresh Pepper

Nygårdsgaten 1 A, Bergen.

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