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5 great off-peak destinations

Why not try your favorite destination when it’s not so full of tourists? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Here are 5 destinations that might be even better during their off-peak season.


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In the autumn, it’s still warm enough to enjoy the beach and the many ancient sites but the crowds are a lot thinner – and prices for ­everything from food to hotels are much more friendly.

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Ski resorts

Ski resorts are overrun during the winter months, but come late spring and summer, more and more are offering warm weather activities such as hiking and biking – and the prices are much friendlier on your wallet.

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Known for its fantastic golf courses, getting a tee-time during the high season can be difficult. But in November and December, the weather is still good and you’ll have a much greater chance of getting that slot you dream of.


Now that everyone has discovered the gem that is Prague, the city can get unbearably crowded during the summer. But in late autumn and the winter, the crowds are mostly gone and you can really start to sense the soul of the city.


It may be called the Windy City and yes, it’s cold during the winter, but November through January sees hotel occupancy ­hovering around 50%, so even luxury hotels offer deep discounts.

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