Current Fleet

Airbus A319/A320/A321  

Flies to European destinations from Denmark

Number of aircraft: 4/13/8
Number of seats: 141/168/198
Max. takeoff weight: 75.5/75.5/89.0 metric tons     
Max. payload: 16.7/18.0/23.0 metric tons   
Length: 33.8/37.6/44.5 m
Wing span: 34.1 m
Cruising speed: 840 kmph/530 mph
Range: 5,100/3,900/3,800 km
Fuel consumption: 0.033/0.029/0.029 liters per seat/km
Engine: IAE V2524-A5/V2527-A5/IAE V2530-A5

Airbus A330-300

Flies to USA and Asia from Denmark, and USA from Sweden and Norway

Number of aircraft: 4               
Number of seats: 266              
Max. takeoff weight: 233.0 metric tons        
Max. payload: 44.5 metric tons                        
Length: 63.7 m
Wing span: 60.3 m
Cruising speed: 875 kmph/545 mph
Range: 9,600/12,800 km
Fuel consumption: 0.033/liters per seat/km
Engine: RR Trent 772B

Airbus A340-300 

Flies to USA and Asia from Denmark, and USA from Sweden and Norway

Number of aircraft: 8               
Number of seats: 245               
Max. takeoff weight: 275.0 metric tons        
Max. payload: 44.1 metric tons                        
Length: 63.7 m
Wing span: 60.3 m
Cruising speed: 875 kmph/545 mph
Range: 9,600/12,800 km
Fuel consumption: 0.033/0.039 liters per seat/km
Engine: CFM56-5C4

Boeing 737-600/700/800 

Flies to European destinations from Sweden and Norway

Number of aircraft: 26/29/29                            
Number of seats: 123/141/181                         
Max. takeoff weight: 59.9/69.6/79.0 metric tons                 
Max. payload: 13.2/15.2/19.6 metric tons   
Length: 31.2/33.6/39.5 m
Wing span: 34.3/35.8/35.8 m
Cruising speed: 840 kmph/530 mph
Range: 2,400/4,400/4,200 km
Fuel consumption: 0.038/0.032/0.028 liters per seat/km
Engine: CFM56-7B

Aircraft on order

A330-300 Enhanced (From 2015)/Airbus A350-900 (From 2018)

Number of aircraft: (4)/(8)    
Number of seats: 264/308     
Max. takeoff weight: 242.0/268.0 metric tons     
Max. payload: 44.5/51.0 metric tons              
Length: 63.7/66.9 m
Wing span: 60.3/64.8 m
Cruising speed: 875 kmph/545 mph/910 kmph/570 mph
Range: 10,400 km/13,800 km
Fuel consumption: 0.033/0.027 liters per seat/km
Engine: RR Trent 772B/RR Trent XWB

Airbus A320-NEO (From 2016)

Number of aircraft: (30)         
Number of seats: 168              
Max. takeoff weight: 75.5 metric tons          
Max. payload: 18.0 metric tons                        
Length: 37.6 m
Wing span: 35.5 m
Cruising speed: 840 kmph/530 mph
Range: 4,600 km
Fuel consumption: 0.025 liters per seat/km
Engine: CFM Leap 1A

The SAS environmental program

SAS’s overall goal is to reduce emissions 20% by 2015. Fleet renewal is an important part of that strategy. To date, SAS has taken delivery of 27 state-of-the-art Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-700/800 planes.
These have replaced older models such as the MD-80, with fuel consumption and associated emissions in line with SAS’s target.
SAS’s varied fleet of Boeing 737s and A320s allows it to adjust capacity to demand, and ensures emissions are kept to a minimum. SAS also gives passengers and cargo customers the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions.

The emissions calculator can be found at Sasgroup.net/miljo alongside the 2013 Sustainability Report. SAS has reduced carbon emissions by some 15% over the past eight years and is one of only a few airlines that is ISO 14001 certified, proof that it takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

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